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Our Story

Passing to the Next Generation

Lazy Black Diamond Ranch (LBDR) is a registered pure bred black Angus cow/calf operation. LBDR offers bulls and open replacement quality heifers for sale at our production sale in February at Huss Livestock Market in Kearney, NE. LBDR pinpoints for moderate frame, good muscled type of cattle. We look for consistency and uniformity in our cattle, along with low maintenance. Docility in our cattle is a major part of our program and genetics. Nervous or wild cattle don’t last long in the operation.

My grandfather, Loy Glause, was in the cattle business a long time. He worked along side with his family by buying their first Angus cattle in 1951 outside Worms, NE known as Black Diamond Ranch. In the later years, Loy branched off to buy his own property near Palmer, NE and started his own family operation leading to changing the ranch name. With the help from my great grandmother came the name Lazy Black Diamond Ranch. In the early 70’s rumor has it that "some guys must have been Lazy”.

The years pass by fast and kids grow up fast, so came along my uncle Kevin and my father Galen. Working their way into the operation, along side with their brothers, Kevin took charge after my grandfather, Loy, passed away from cancer in 2010. In the mist of this generation passing, I took my first steps into the Angus business by buying some heifers from my Grandparents. I continued my full time job and helped with cattle as I could.

Working a full time job had its perks, but my passion and heart always led me back to the Ranch and cows. I continued working along and then met my great wife CharMae. CharMae also comes from a agriculture background. Her family is in the cattle feeding and farming business. We got married in early January of 2014. It was the coldest day ever. I started working for my father in-law shortly after our marriage. CharMae and I have three boys Grady, Yaeger & Sage 

The time has come, the time for the next generation to step in. Mid to late of 2018 I got notified that its possibly time for me to come home full time. I prayed and asked God about what to do and where to go from here, with the power of Prayer he showed me signs and led me to the Ranch full time. With a hard felt heart about leaving my father in-law’s operation, my family and I begin a new journey of our lives. The doors to my new journey seem to be opening in an odd way, but I trust in God that its all okay and in his hands. I will continue to pray for better cattle markets “as I’m sure you all are too.” So I will be able to keep offering these good cattle all to you.

I'd love to meet all new and returning customers. Hope to see you at the Ranch.


Morgan Glause