Buy Her A "Black Diamond"

 Production Sale

February 27th, 2021

Huss Livestock Market LLC
Kearney, NE

SIRES REPRESENTED: Musgrave Crackerjack • TEX Playbook 5437 • RAML Rangefinder 7536
A&B Ferguson 6186 • LBDR 7108-5142 Power Tool • LBDR 5142 Power Tool • LBDR 6145 Broken Bow
LBDR 8176 Arsenal • BUBS Southern Charm AA31 • Bruning Wabash 437 • TC Forthright 333

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DSC_0013 - Edited with Filters 3757C.jpg
DSC_0956 Edited with Filters 4774M.jpg
DSC_1061 - Edited with Filters 6811K.jpg
DSC_0901 Edited with Filters 9559K.jpg

Sale Day Supplement Sheets

Bull Supplement Sheet

Our sale bull supplement sheet is now available for viewing

Heifer Supplement Sheet

Our sale heifer supplement sheet is now available for viewing.


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